Security Council

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Roles and Responsibilities

The Security Council plays a critical role in safeguarding the Connext protocol, its DAO members, and the wider community. Its responsibilities include:

  • Conducting critical maintenance, including software updates and configurations

  • Taking emergency actions in potentially time-sensitive situations

The Security Council operates under the purview of the Connext DAO, which is responsible for holding membership elections.

Election Process

Elections for the Security Council are held annually, excluding an initial 6-month bootstrapping phase, during which the Connext Foundation will appoint the initial council.

Before each election cycle, the Connext DAO will open a one-month-long call for candidates, after which all eligible applicants will be put to a vote. The top 12 candidates will then be inducted into the council.

Changes to these elections may be proposed by the DAO, but not in an ongoing election cycle.

Criteria for Membership

To be considered for a position on the council, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Garner support from at least 0.4% of the voting supply prior to the election.

  • Maintain membership in the Connext DAO for at least 3 months prior to the election.

  • Have no more than 3 representatives from the same organization on the Council at a given time.

  • Publicly disclose any potential conflicts of interest prior to campaigning for membership.

Emergency Removals

Council membership can be revoked at any time outside of standard elections if 8 of the existing council members agree to removal. The Connext DAO can also remove council members through a two-thirds majority vote with a minimum participation of 6% of the token supply.

Why have a Council?

While Connext aims to move towards ungovernance in the future, the Connext protocol is not currently ready to operate without a degree of administrative oversight in emergency and non-emergency situations. Electing a council allows the DAO to ensure they have representation at this level while allowing council members to gain experience operating the protocol.

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