Proposal and Voting Mechanisms

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This is a suggested process for developing and advancing Connext Improvement Proposals. It is a dynamic document intended to be owned, refined, and enforced by the Connext community.

  1. Connext Forum: Forum is used for governance-related discussions. Community members must register for an account before sharing or liking posts.

  2. Snapshot: Snapshot is a voting interface used for delegating votes and creating and voting on proposals.

  3. Crosschain Governance: In line with the Connext DAO vision to empower builders to create applications that are universally accessible from any chain, using any token, Connext supports voting and delegation across multiple chains as well as cross-chain proposal execution.

Note: In conjunction with the Zodiac team, Connext, and DeFi Wonderland have created a cross-chain widget that plugs into SAFEs to facilitate proposal execution. This tooling allows users to generate cross-chain payload directly from their SAFE. More information about the Zodiac Connext module is available here.

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