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As a member of the Connext DAO, you can actively participate in the DAO's decision-making process by voting on governance proposals that other DAO members submit.

As a NEXT token holder (or delegate), you can participate in these Snapshot polls and "temperature check" discussions:

  1. Go to the Connext DAO governance forum.

  2. Locate the proposal you'd like to vote on and read through the proposal and the discussion thread.

  3. Provide feedback and participate in the discussion to help shape the proposal.

  4. The forum submission for any given proposal will usually include a link to a Snapshot poll that allows you to vote on the proposal:

    • Navigate to Snapshot.

    • Connect your wallet.

    • Open the Connext DAO Snapshot space and locate the proposal you'd like to vote on (or click the Snapshot link in the forum submission).

    • Cast your vote by following the prompts within Snapshot's UI. Voting options are “For,” “Abstain,” and “Against.”

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